Aristotle Quotes

Aristotle though long gone for centuries still remains an epitome of intellect even in this 21st century. He is recognized as the Father of Western Philosophy. Although Philosophy was one of Aristotle’s main concerns, he’s known to have delved into other branches of science and even postulate theories and ideas which were found to be […]

Belief Quotes

belief quote

Belief is seen as a behaviour or attitude we showcase when we consider something to be true. Beliefs are on occasion divided into two; a) Core Beliefs – notions actively thought about and b) Dispositional Beliefs – notions suggested to someone who has not thought about them. Some definitions from different dictionaries are given below: […]

Bernie Sanders Quotes

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders, aged 77 is an American politician who’s had a relatively successful political career. He’s served as Congressman for Vermont from 1991-2007 and also as the junior United States Senator for Vermont. Sanders is the longest serving independent in the United States Congressional history. After unsuccessfully running for president in 2015, Sanders has once […]