Jhene Aiko Quotes

Jhene Aiko Quotes – Looking for a few quotes to motivate you? Here are some great quotes. Get the motivation you need from this collection of Jhene Aiko quotes.

Grammy award-nominated and multi-award-winning American singer, songwriter, and record producer Jhene Aiko is well known for her ethereal vocal style and evocative lyricism that fuses elements of R&B, hip-hop, and alternative music.

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo was born on March 16, 1988, in Los Angeles. Additionally, Aiko’s mother was the first to notice her daughter had a gift for singing and enrolled her in voice lessons at a young age.

Aiko’s musical career began in 2002 when she was signed to The Ultimate Group and managed by Chris Stokes. She contributed vocals to various B2K releases and a song on The Master of Disguise soundtrack.

At that time, She was known as the cousin of B2K’s rapper, Lil’ Fizz, despite having no relation to the rapper. Even though it was a marketing strategy devised by her record labels Sony, The Ultimate Group, and Epic Records to promote Aiko through B2K and draw an audience, Aiko insists that she and Lil’ Fizz grew up together and were very close, almost like family.

Moreover, Aiko has significantly impacted the music industry and has been active in the music industry from 2002 to date. Here are some of her top inspirational, life & love, and creativity & self-care quotes. Read on!

Jhene Aiko Quotes

Jhene Aiko Inspirational Quotes:

01. “Nothing really came, everything was like inspired by something.” – Jhene Aiko

02. “There’s no slowing down as the globe spins ’round and ’round. You gotta keep going.” – Jhene Aiko

03. “Change is inevitable. Why hold onto what you have to let go of?” – Jhene Aiko

04. “I definitely think that people confuse their ego with their spirit. Your ego is always there telling you to “be better and work harder,” not telling you that you’re already enough. You need to silence your ego to hear your spirit, and that’s what I had to do.” – Jhene Aiko

05. “I just want to meet as many people as I can and talk with as many people as I can, but whatever allows me to do that, then that’s my main goal. It’s just to understand as much as I can about life and how it happens.” – Jhene Aiko

06. “You have got to trust the signs. Everything will turn out fine.” – Jhene Aiko

07. “You have got to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind.” – Jhene Aiko

08. “Just be yourself and wear deodorant.” – Jhene Aiko

09. “Is it strange for me to say that if I were to die today, there’s not a thing I would change? I’ve lived well. Maybe I have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain, but all in all, it’s been okay. I’ve lived well.” – Jhene Aiko

10. “Cause nothing really is and everything really isn’t.” – Jhene Aiko

11. “Life only gets harder, but you gotta get stronger.” – Jhene Aiko

12. “I’m cool with nothing cause even nothing is something.” – Jhene Aiko

13. “My main goal in life is just to be happy. I don’t compromise my happiness for anything. If I find what makes me happy, I’m going to do that. That’s really going with the flow of life. As far as like the mainstream stuff, if my destiny takes me there and I end up going that route, then that’s fine.” – Jhene Aiko

14. “I’m an acquired taste… not for everybody, but for the ones that get me… I will give you all of me, all the time.” – Jhene Aiko

15. “Suffering is optional. You’re gonna have some pain but it doesn’t have to make you suffer.” – Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko Quotes on Life & Love:

16. “I think as a person, I have a whole bunch of different sides to me.” – Jhene Aiko

17. “You have to realize that you are everything and more just on your own.” – Jhene Aiko

18. “Females in our generation’s morals are just out the window. Materialistic things aren’t life. I’d rather walk in the rain with a man who treats me like a queen than to ride in a Benz with a man who treats me like crap.” – Jhene Aiko

19. “Love side, hate side, never in between.” – Jhene Aiko

20. “We were free to be everything we dreamed.” – Jhene Aiko

21. “I’m probably my biggest critic. There’s nothing anyone can ask of me that I haven’t already asked of myself.” – Jhene Aiko

22. “I don’t think I have a sad life. I just talk about all my feelings and emotions.” – Jhene Aiko

23. “I chose happiness over everything.” – Jhene Aiko

24. “I think we all are battling evil thoughts. I think it’s important to not ignore them but to try to understand where they are coming from and get through them instead of suppressing them.” – Jhene Aiko

25. “I think the journey is the reward, I think that it’s about being on the right path, the path for you. That’s what I felt I had to get back to because I was being nudged here and thereby not really listening to myself and not being in tune.” – Jhene Aiko

26. “I have a crazy sense of humor so if someone is just trying to be rude to me, or if you can tell that someone is angry for no reason, I like to entertain them.” – Jhene Aiko

27. “Sometimes, you gotta work through the darkness to get to the light.” – Jhene Aiko

28. “I don’t feel like I have to use big words or theories to get my point across. People are like, “Whoa. That’s crazy” and make it into this crazy thing.” – Jhene Aiko

29. “I think that’s really really important, you can’t get in the industry, because you want to make money because number one, I don’t think money should be motivation for anything because I don’t believe that it has any value.” – Jhene Aiko

30. “I always tell people to really make sure they know why they want to do it. For me, I didn’t make a conscious decision like “Oh, I want to be a singer,” it was like I grew up around it; I was singing because it was just natural for me to sing.” – Jhene Aiko

31. “Shame on you for staying the same.” – Jhene Aiko

32. “I’m trying to teach people not to be selfish. That’s the thing. If you have a good thing share it. Of course we’re not in a sexual relationship.” – Jhene Aiko

33. “If you don’t learn, you’ll never know a good thing.” – Jhene Aiko

34. “Where I’m from, we live by the love, die by the love.” – Jhene Aiko

35. “I appreciate when people listen to the sad songs, because it’s almost like telling someone your problems and having them listen with a compassionate ear.” – Jhene Aiko

36. “Without a place to call home, I got so used to the changes.” – Jhene Aiko

37. “Life can get wild when you’re caught in the whirlwind.” – Jhene Aiko

38. “We are all slaves of desire, controlled by the things we think that we need.” – Jhene Aiko

39. “I think if a woman is feeling aggressive, she should be aggressive and not hold back.” – Jhene Aiko

40. “The way you feel is not my problem.” – Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko Quotes on Creativity & Self-care:

41. “What you create for you, no one can take from you.” – Jhene Aiko

42. “With my career, everything I do is me. There’s no one that handles telling me what I should be about or how I should dress or anything. I’m hands on with absolutely everything.” – Jhene Aiko

43. “I have crystal bowls made of precious gems, and I’m building my collection. My in-house studio is now filled with all these bowls. They all work with your chakra system, which is healing on a cellular level. If I have a headache, I’ll go in my studio and play my bowl in a certain key, which represents the ‘crown chakra,’ and it’ll start to resonate in my head, and actually helps my headaches go away.” – Jhene Aiko

44. “I’ve been taking time to put my phone down and focus on where I’m at and who I’m with at the moment. It’s as simple as allotting a certain amount of time away from your phone. Like, for one hour per day I’m going to leave my phone in another room, and give it a break.” – Jhene Aiko

45. “A lot of people ask me if I meditate, and to me meditation isn’t taking five minutes out of the day to sit by yourself in solitary. I’ve found that it’s really a state of being. It’s more about mindful living and making sure that you’re constantly checking up on breath and breathing deeply.” – Jhene Aiko

46. “That’s what’s so beautiful about art is that you can just throw paint on a blank canvas and do something crazy, and that’s your release. You didn’t hurt anyone, you know?” – Jhene Aiko

47. “When I’m writing, I’m not trying to save the world, I’m just trying to help myself, but it’s a plus that people can relate to it.” – Jhene Aiko

48. “Oblivion is kind of like nirvana, where you become nothing and you don’t have to suffer over and over again. You’re free to just be nothing.” – Jhene Aiko

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