Arrested Development Quotes

Arrested development is a TV series centered around a very disorderly family, the Bluths. The Bluth family whose patriarch is George Bluth was once an affluent family but has gone destitute after the Bluth company goes under. With this development, they are forced to move to their last remaining asset which isn’t frozen – a model home. The Bluth family

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Belief Quotes

belief quote

Belief is seen as a behaviour or attitude we showcase when we consider something to be true. Beliefs are on occasion divided into two; a) Core Beliefs – notions actively thought about and b) Dispositional Beliefs – notions suggested to someone who has not thought about them. Some definitions from different dictionaries are given below: — Cambridge dictionary defines belief as

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Bernie Sanders Quotes

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders, aged 77 is an American politician who’s had a relatively successful political career. He’s served as Congressman for Vermont from 1991-2007 and also as the junior United States Senator for Vermont. Sanders is the longest serving independent in the United States Congressional history. After unsuccessfully running for president in 2015, Sanders has once again launched a presidential campaign

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Lost Boys Quotes

lost boys quote

Lost boys is a movie about a recently divorced mother of two teenage sons, forced on grounds of financial issues to move to her father’s in California, Santa Carla. The town of Santa Carla turns out to be populated with bikers and plagued with mysterious deaths. Sam, the older of the two boys catches wind that the town is inhabited

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Quotes About Friends Being Family

Friends walk into our lives and sometimes, eventually become family. They set roots so deep into our lives that we can’t imagine navigating through life without them. These friends see our imperfections and love them while we can only pick them out. They are real people who have your back all the time, not because they have to but because

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Quotes that Make You Cry

Everyone has one thing or the other that bothers them, while some others are going through a lot of pain, sadness, heartbreak, depression, and disappointment, probably as a result of losing someone they love, failed relationships or broken marriages, etc. Whatever the reason might be, sometimes it is better not to hold back the tears inside. Crying it out sometimes

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