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A boogie wit da hoodie is a popular American rapper who has made his mark in the hip hop scene with his slick melodic flow and profound rap lyrics. We present you with the best 48 a boogie wit da hoodie quotes on the internet:

How you look so perfect on your worst days?



New Louboutin, you would think I’m bleedin’ from my toes


Ain’t fuckin’ with no off-brand bitch


I get in my feelings when you’re not around me


It’s hard to stay low when everybody notice


You can’t be my wifey, you’re just like me

“I made a milly in less than a year and I blew that on stupid shit/Typed it in like, ‘How to make a milly,’ I used to Google it/Savannah just wanted to see me perform and got hit over stupid shit/I woke up and saw the shit right on my phone, they don’t know who the shooter is”

“I be the one with the sauce, I never thought it was sweet/I got my foot in the door, they never gave me the key/I had to turn to a ki/Even when I was a boy, I was the man in the streets/I was the man with the heat, I was a beast, sheesh/He had her heart, but she tried to give it to me”

“Bitch I got more bodies than a general in Vietnam/Fuck yo nigga, he a bum, strippers picking up the crumbs/Hundreds in my pocket, you would think that I had beef with ones/Fuck her like she Nia Long/Yeah, my clip long, fucking up my hip bone/Steve Stephen ass nigga, now your bitch gone/I just whipped a quarter brick and now my wrist gone”

“I’m gon’ make her panties wet when she see the way I flex/I’m gon’ win a Grammy, move my family out the projects/We went from chillin’ in the projects to makin’ projects/We was tryna get to the top, and they tried to stop us/I talk for myself, bitch I don’t need no fucking voucher/She looked at my wrist and she looked at a hundred thousand” – A Boogie Wit Da Ho

“If she ever turn sherm on me then she basic/Couple bitches had to swerve on ’em, I updated/You pulled up with her, she ain’t leave with who she came with/She deserve better, you’s a bird, you’s a wasteman/Fuck a umbrella, change weather in my spaceship/Diamonds dancing, I’m two-stepping with my bracelet”

“They look at me now, bitch I’m drowning/And my hoodie Saint Laurent, it’s a thousand/And we come straight out the Bronx, so we wildin’/Shoutout BK, Free Bobby and Free Rowdy/Free my nigga V12, holla if you see 12/Febreze, believe me, it’ll cover the weed smell”

“I put this beat on my body list/Metro a beast, yeah, he bodied it/They tried to give me a stylist, I told ’em I’m good, yo you wylin’/I got sick of wearing Versace/I wore red bottoms, don’t let me get in a fight with ’em/One of them spikes and I might hit him/I’m from the jungle, say that you fuck with gorillas/I know that you niggas be lying”

“If I tell you all my secrets, it won’t be a secret/But if I tell you a secret, I hope that you can keep it/Mike Amiri denims, couldn’t fit the fuckin’ ratchet/I’m with a shooter, sorry, if he gotta fucking bag niggas/Started calling me the goat, I came up from the grass, nigga/I got water on my wrist, I told her look at that river”

“You told me that you don’t care, I know you care don’t lie/When I hit it from the back you be so scared, don’t lie/Pull your hair and I bet I could break the bed on it/The way she gripping on the dick, she broke a nail on it/In and out the lobby, had the scale on me/Tissue on the camera so the super couldn’t tell on me”

“Metro Boomin on the beat, I feel like I’m cheating/Showing me that nipple ring, I feel like you teasing/You keep begging me to eat, girl why you beasting?/Can I take you to my suite, yeah, for a weekend/Can you come and give me brain, make me a genius/I could make that pussy beatbox while I’m singing”

“I know your head sloppy/Girl, you really do it like you care about me/Avianne got me feeling like I’m playing hockey/Rap money got me pulling up in big bodies/Big bodies little niggas don’t know shit about me/Call me Artie I love to party, shooters beside me/Left the ’Rari inside the parking lot, oh, I’m sorry/Ended up with a Spanish mami calling me papi” – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

“I’m ahead of the race/Flooring the gas, I’m passing the cops that I lead on a chase/If they come find out this weapon I placed/They might just give me a federal case/All of my folks has a residue taste/Rollie presidential when that presidential/Counting blue strips with the President face/I got the votes, don’t you ever debate” – Don Q

“I seen a lotta bitches get slid in and make me not want to be faithful to bitches/I did a lotta fucked up shit and I know I was wrong but just pray for a nigga/I look up at Quo, I wish I could look at my bro but now he keep a angel quoteswith niggas/Beastie you know, I’m goin’ in on these niggas/I am not playin’ with niggas”

“Bitches be all on my dick but they never would notice me if I was dead bro/I used to posted up right on that strip with a stick, I was just like a scarecrow/Sosa was with me, he had a strap on him, you woulda thought it was Velcro/I was on 50 when niggas givin’ out a buck 50 for damn codes”

“Big safe, big face, big Wraith, nothing but big things/Big bank take lil’ bank, nigga, but I be in big banks/Young MJ from where the niggas play, pull up with six rings/Ice on my arm like my wrist sprained/So many hoes I forget names”

“Would I be trippin’ if I DM your friends and fuck all your bitches?/Would it be ignant?/You say I’m trippin’ but they the ones with it/I thought it was love/’Til you went out tellin’ our business/Lyin’ when you know you did it/Cryin’ but don’t see no tears/I guess we really all guilty”

“I thought I was lovin’ it/I was in lost with it, told her that I cannot fuck with it/She like how I’m modest and she call me Artist/I love when she scream out my government name/I met her at Onyx, I took her to my place/We fucked, then popped bottles of bubbly/She ended up popping the percs, she was wildin’, I think she just wanted some company”

“They threw me in the jungle so I started bussin’ licks/I ran into a mic and then I said fuck the shit/They call me Young Mike bout to get the glove and shit/Two diamond rings yea I paid a dub for it/Throw subs at me bet I don’t respond to it/I’m countin’ up money while you niggas commenting”

“I can’t afford it, I got a daughter you won’t catch me slippin’/Yeah, I should be gettin’ realer, I be gettin’ richer/But I just spent up on my neck could pay a bitch tuition/All my diamonds they be dancin’ like they New Edition/I mix the Louis and Supreme that’s limited edition/Fuck ya bitch and now ya bitch she missin'” – PnB Rock

“Fuck her with my jeans on, fuck her with my chains on/She like how I be kicking she might think that I’m from Hong Kong/Everybody turn yo’ power off if yo’ phone’s on/Hoe you gon’ get slapped up in yo’ shit using the wrong tone” -YoungBoy Never Broke Again


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