Maria Felix Quotes

Maria Felix quotes and sayings that would make you fall in love with her.

Mara Félix Güerea was a Mexican singer and actress.

She was regarded as one of the most successful Latin actors of all time. She was named the most beautiful face in Mexican cinema’.

But Maria was more than just a beauty; she was a Mexican diva. Even if the characters in Maria Félix films were larger than life, she was well aware of the realities of the world and always believed in women standing up for themselves. Here are some diva quotes to remind you of what a boss lady she was.

Maria Felix Quotes

Below are some famous quotes from the Mexican singer and actress Maria Felix .

There’s a warrior in you.

Be the you that you are.

Be yourself. You deserve it.

An ex is not worth more than a few days of tears.

Don’t be afraid to move on.

Don’t think I’m the Queen Bee… I am the Queen Bee.

I might be one more woman in your life, but you are one less man in mine.

A woman is very complicated and difficult; it is a labyrinth where anybody can get lost easily.

An original woman is not someone that doesn’t imitate someone, but the one that nobody can imitate.

Life is not an easy walk, and there is no instruction manual, but these Maria Felix quotes will help you comprehend and navigate this maze of life a little easier. These include some of her sassy statements, love quotes, and Mexican quips about life.

It’s okay to be an original.

My selfishness has consisted in rejecting movies, friendships, marriage proposals that weren’t in my best interest. That is why we need to have cold blood take over our feelings.

Leave the dead in peace, the ones inside can’t get out and the ones that are out don’t want to go in.

The stars of today don’t have the star power and actresses of today are disposable, models that don’t even know how to speak.

My enemies are many and bad; my friends are few and good.

Don’t give me advice, I can make my own mistakes.

Money is not happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Ferrari.

I don’t like help, when I ask for it, you can help me.

If you are just as hated as admired, you are beautiful, get used to it; there are some that are only hated and they die to be admired.

Maria Felix Quotes

People with no ambition never get out of the hole.

Nobody impresses me with a price, but with the results.

Diva is something invented, but I was not fabricated, life made me and made me very well.

Obviously I have a soul, just because someone as blind as you can’t see it, doesn’t mean I don’t have one.

The best way to love someone is to accept them how they are, that is what I do with Antoine, it’s not easy, but to only love idiots is easy

Maria Felix Famous Quotes

Maria Felix has been known to be vocal about her thoughts and has said quite a few famous quotes.

Beauty gives you everything, but it is not everything.

Flowers are a bad business, they last for a day and you need to thank them for a month.

People console themselves thinking that if are not doing well here, they will have a good time in paradise. I would like for people to enjoy life, just in case there isn’t another.

Since the beginning of time, men have taken the best part of the cake.

To think about existence doesn’t make what doesn’t exist, exist.

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